Being everywhere, seeing everything

Having some rest while working

My job requires constant contact with people and obliges to visit many cultural events. It wouldn’t be true if I say that all of them are interesting. However, sometimes I don’t want to come back home. Last time I was impressed by the ice sculpting festival. It’s amazing how artists manage to create exquisite works out of such a fragile material. Animals, birds, dragons and even huge castles, made entirely from ice, were exhibited in the central park. It was an incredible evening for children who imagined being the characters of H. Andersen’s fairy-tale ‘The Snow Queen’.

Paintings attract my attention as well. I’m not fond of portraits but speaking about landscapes, I find them awesome. Perhaps, that’s because I like nature, picnics and birdwatching. If to choose between watercolors and oils, I’d pick the latter. Oil paints add volume to the picture and give a special luster to it. As for me, the colors look more saturated as well. I’m not an expert in painting but as I’ve seen many artworks, I can at least say if their author is famous or not.

Though we haven’t met, I know a lot about this artist!

If I was asked about Leonid Afremov, I’d definitely answer that he’s a well-known painter. Have you seen one of his love paintings link?

  • Perfect combination of orange and blue! I can examine this canvas for hours, watching the softness of color transitions and admiring the variety of hues. Look how Leonid implements pink into the palette: it appears on the umbrella, in the sky, among the trees and reflects in the puddles of the alley.
  • A fab autumn evening adorns the city. Even the moon curiously glances at the passers-by and enlightens their way. It’s interesting that though we don’t see the people’s faces, we feel that they’re happy at the moment. The bright scenery creates a joyful atmosphere.
  • We also notice that the couple’s strolling leisurely, so even the rain doesn’t spoil their mood. To the contrary, it adds a note of romance to the whole image.

Afremov oil canvases are worth seeing. If you decide to purchase one of his love inspired paintings, visit Leonid’s personal website here. There you’ll find hundreds of fantastic works of art at affordable prices. Click on the menu below the photo and check out different genres. Buy direct from the artist and forget about boring blank walls! I’ve already decorated my living room. How about you? You’re a few clicks away from reaching the goal!




Take the right decision!

We must never go against our nature. When your job doesn’t give you pleasure, quit! Who needs an unmotivated employee? Sometimes it occurs that all the expectations were just illusions and the thing isn’t your cup of tea. The situation reminds me of this movie Rebecca Bloomwood has always dreamt of writing for a famous fashion magazine. However, life teaches her a hard lesson. Being almost arrested for not paying debts, the girl sells her gorgeous dresses and realizes that kindness and family support is much more important than expensive clothes. In addition, Rebecca refuses to work in the magazine where women are envious and can’t wait to set you up. When we understand that we don’t belong here and that our tortures are worth nothing, it’s time to leave. Another great example that proves my words is Andrea Sachs in ’The Devil Wears Prada’ film. Andy’s boss is the editor-in-chief of a world familiar magazine. Everyone wants to take Miranda Priestly’s place. But in fact, she is tired of her chaotic way of life. Miranda is an unhappy woman who has to wear a mask of an iron lady. When Andy realizes what’s waiting for her in the fashion industry, she goes away without a second thought. I’d do the same if I wasn’t sure about my career choice. Fortunately, my colleagues aren’t mean as snakes but we all know what competition and big money do to people. Enjoy your work but be aware of enemies just in case!


Beauty rules the world!

Hello, my dear friends! My name’s Grace Sterling. I’m 34 years old and I work as a beauty editor. I suppose that it’s a useful job for a girl: women always strive to look better, so it’s a great chance to find out how to do it. However, my job isn’t only about makeup, dresses and glamorous parties. Firstly, it’s about the writing! It’s not enough to be a beauty expert because if a hairdresser has a fantastic flair for hair, it doesn’t mean he won’t make spelling mistakes. I started a blog to practice a little before applying for the post. I wrote on various topics, but mostly about vogue, of course. Owing to this experience, I’ve learnt how to interest the audience. I think that fashion should be available for everyone, regardless the age and financial status.